6 de novembro de 2020

Have you been hit by the sweatshirt boom Holapick?

Hello, loves !!

Did you think that sweat fever would only stay in the coldest season? Nothing like that! The sporty fabric and most comfortable hoodies that we adhere to in the quarantine will continue to show up in summer looks.

With the day to day running, the need for pieces that combine style and form, bring functionality and practicality are fundamental requirements. That's why I show you how to redesign your looks from now on, come with me!

The reality we are experiencing in 2020 has raised the trend to levels never expected. Social detachment completely shook our habits, transforming homes into an office, gym, restaurant and bar. If before we were already hyperconnected and dependent on screens, now they are both our sources of entertainment and distraction, as well as the main working tool (who will not miss Zoom?). We became chefs specialized in banana bread, tie dye artists, TikTok dancers and marathon runners from the entire Netflix catalog.

The truth is that the comfy and stripped duo can transform themselves with some adjustments, such as changing the sneakers for a more classic and elegant shoe.

Fashion is based on creativity and uses it to arouse desire, so models have been gaining new additions and being adapted to please a greater number of consumers who would not normally feel like using the item.

Okay, it's official: we can't live without a tie dye anymore. The technique means "tie and dye". You must have tried to do it at home. Lucky for us, Holapick launched a capsule collection with the most desired print of the season.

Monochromatic or color blocking, the choice is up to the proposal that you want to pass on, but I already anticipate that betting on strong tones that stand out are great options to finish off sexy sweatshirts looks this season - and look super chic!

So, which look to use to face this new routine? Tell me in the comments !!

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