22 de outubro de 2021

Wayrates' fashion militarism

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Some report that the military print began to appear in World War I (1914-1918), but gained space in German army uniforms just before World War II (1939-1945).

In previous wars, countries used to represent the colors of their flags on military uniforms, which made soldiers easy targets for their enemies. Thus, what dominated mens tactical clothing were items with camouflage prints and leather accessories. Several decades have passed and the military style is still in high gear. This is one of the coolest parts of fashion, the ups and downs of trends.

The military green is a shade that always brings with it a casual feel, so it adds a cool touch to even the most tidy, such as coats, shirts and pants. Come check it out and guarantee all the pieces:

Of all the pieces of Black Friday mens tactical clothing available on the market, the jackets are the easiest to find with references to militarism, in fact, many were inspired by military uniforms.

Jackets with protruding pockets both at the chest and near the waist, shoulder epaulets and, in some cases, martingales at the waist to fit the garment. They most often appear in colors such as moss or olive green, brown, medium gray, beige or khaki and can also be identified as “safari jackets”. They can be made of twill, parachute nylon or leather.

It is also possible to find military jackets in other materials, nylon being one of the most common, but don't be surprised when you come across a piece made of leather, jeans, sweatshirt, trench coat, wool and polyester or polyviscose. The shorter model, the one that ends at the waist or a little below, has smaller pockets to adjust the proportions and never has a tie-cord.

To compose the ideal look with the trend, in addition to clothes, it is necessary to invest in accessories. Militarism is marked by stronger and heavier pieces, and, therefore, jewelry must follow the style.
One of the items that must be worn are bracelets. Bracelets fit the military proposal very well. It's worth betting on items in leather or silver with brown, gray or black, which are elegant colors and easy to harmonize. Necklaces are also a good tip for those who want to complete the look.

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