13 de junho de 2022

How to put on false eyelashes step by step alone

Hello beauties!

They say that our eyes are the window to the soul and more than that, when they are super well produced, whether by a cat eyeliner, a trendy eyeshadow or even the best false lashes, they become the highlight of the face, which is beautifying and leaves any high self-esteem.

Lashes are a makeup item that makes all the difference when it comes to ensuring a striking and open look. The item has many varieties that range from the most discreet tastes, to those who love to draw attention.

When looking for eyelashes, take into account your eye type and the makeup style you intend to do. Look that:

• For a natural look: prefer lashes that are not so much longer than yours. For example: if you have medium lashes, buy a large one, if you have a small one, buy a medium one. In this way, it reduces the chances of making a mistake when choosing.

• For a vintage touch: if you're looking for an eyelash with a '60s feel, opt for lashes with plenty of volume and exaggerated length.

The secret when gluing your eyelashes is to be patient and practice a few times at home. The result is a powerful eye!

The cosmetics market has grown and it is currently possible to find false eyelashes of different materials and formats that indicate the best occasions to be used. Hence, you should keep in mind the purpose of the false threads.

• False eyelashes with few threads are for everyday use and for those who like something more discreet. If the intention is to compose a lighter look, there is no need to apply an eyelash mask.

• Growing lashes are for daytime use to add volume and highlight the eyes. Because they have a light and natural look, they are great to wear during the day. In this way, the growing strands do not weigh down the makeup, but leave the eyes highlighted.

• Long, curved lashes are ideal for evening events. Therefore, the best false eyelashes are those with long, curved strands.

• Cross lashes are used for special occasions without losing their naturalness. They are ideal for special occasions, when you want to be more tidy, without attracting attention.

• Lashes with long strands in the middle are ideal for those with more slanted eyes. For this reason, they open the eyes, giving the impression that the eyes are bigger.

Step by step on how to apply false eyelashes:

The company's novelty are the eyelashes with accessories and that give you a touch of glamor and comfort. Pretty cute, isn't it?

So did you like to know about the secrets of false eyelashes? Tell me in the comments.

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