30 de setembro de 2021

Soinyou's best sweaters

Hi, loves!

Have you ever looked at her closet and thought “I have nothing to wear” even though there are a million pieces? Maybe that's because your men's casual clothing doesn't talk to each other and you miss some items to harmonize with others that result in amazing looks.

The white t-shirt is essential because we manage to create more formal looks and others that are much more casual and laid-back. It can be used as a third piece, with jeans, tailoring clothes and even on the beach.

Menswear reinvents itself every year, but despite that, it still uses classic elements and reuses items from past seasons to improve itself.

Although the catwalks provide a north for us to know what will be on the streets, which looks make you more comfortable.

The men's sweater is a casual piece and, in most models, elegant, the young men's sweaters are practical, comfortable and can be worn to work – which is great for those who need to work in a suit but can't find men's fashion items that match the corporate look.

The sweater is a wild piece that goes with everything. It can be made from many different fabrics, but the main type of sweater is the knit sweater.

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